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Franklin Middle School Show Choir Students,

Show choir auditions were assessed upon four categories for a total of 12 points. Sight Reading, Pitch, Projection & Dancing. The first round were those students receiving 8 points or higher. For the most part, students who did not meet the point requirement did not fully learn the audition song.

The second round of auditions will take place from 3:00-5:00pm on September 3rd in the Franklin Middle School Choral Music Room. Students who did not make the first round may audition again. Students will sight-read a short solfege exercise and sing the first verse of the song, "America The Beautiful". (Oh beautiful for spacious skies....), from memory. Student re-auditioning DO NOT have to submit another essay or dance.

Continue to work hard on learning the audition song over the next few weeks. An additional 20-25 students may be added to the roster. (this includes incoming 6th graders.)


1st round Classic Illumination Show Choir list 2019-2020


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Final Classic Show Choir list for 2019-2020


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