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What is the KITE program?

KITE is Knowledge-based Inquiry through Teamwork and Exploration. The program offers a flexible approach with the elimination of bells and structure of a “traditional” classroom. Students will work with two teachers to get their curricular work in the subjects of Language Arts, Literacy, Science, and Social Studies. The cross-curricular approach will include direct instruction with the addition of module and project-based learning work. The program will also place an emphasis on community-involvement. We will search for company and community-based projects that will be embedded into instruction as well as providing enrichment for student learning and personal growth.


See the following video shown at Parent Information Nights that provides an example and background of personalized learning:


Why are we doing this?

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is pushing innovative programs across the district in an attempt to personalize the learning and meet the needs of our students. We know that the way students learn varies and the traditional model of yesteryear is not ideal for everyone. There’s been positive results when looking at other innovative programs at Roosevelt Middle School and Jefferson High School. When using Iowa Assessment data students involved in the program performed at a higher rate than their other grade level colleagues.


What type of student do we envision for KITE?

All students are encouraged to learn more about KITE, but understand this approach to learning may not be for all students. We envision students who are willing to be independent learners, creative, open to new ideas, willing to be a team member, and wanting to maximize their participation in the school environment as well as in the community.


What will the student’s day look like?

Learning will be completed using a variety of different methods that include direct instruction, project, and module work. Working together as a team will be a large part of how students work. However, students will also be working through items on an individual basis, some at their own pace. In terms of the rest of a student’s schedule they will have Math and their Exploratories (PE, Music, Art, Computer Science, Engineering Technology, Wellness) outside of the program.




How will subjects be taught and how will students be assessed?

With content being cross-curricular the teachers will lesson plan based on the priority standards in each of the subject areas. Priority standards will drive the instruction as well as how students are assessed. The program will function using the Learner Centered Assessment (Standards-based grading) model where students must demonstrate proficiency.