Franklin Middle School Celebrates Tenth Dance Marathon!

It’s quitting time on a Friday. Most people are racing for the door. So what could possibly entice a few hundred middle school students to stay after school for a couple extra hours? A fundraiser might seem like an unlikely answer, but Franklin Middle School knows how to put the ‘fun’ in fundraiser. Friday, November 11th, students and staff celebrated life at the school’s eleventh Dance Marathon. This event is held each year in conjunction with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon to raise money for children facing cancer and other serious illnesses at the University of Iowa Hospitals.

It is Aristotle who is first credited with the idea that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”   Dance marathon is the perfect embodiment of this concept. It has touched the hearts of so many students, who have danced on to touch the hearts of so many others.  Franklin alumni have continued to be involved in dance marathon at Washington, Kennedy, and various colleges. We have even had some return to Franklin as U of I Dance Marathon dancers!

A change war between homerooms, and afternoon school bake sales were held to raise money for dance week. Jack Hoeger, who had inspired Franklin students over the past three years with his personal survivor story, returned to throw a pie in Mr. Baylor’s face again.  Donations of candy and beverages from parents helped fuel our students as they danced. Our guests from the University of Iowa were impressed with our students’ energy!

Over the past ten years, Franklin has raised over $60,000 in conjunction with the University of Iowa Dance Marathon. Our total this year came in at $4,508.00. These funds help provide a wide variety of services and programs for the children and families affected by pediatric cancer. Thank you for all your support! With your help, Franklin continues to educate not only minds, but hearts as well.


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